I had the pleasure of working with Terry Lewis earlier this year. He did an excellent job of representing me, and I have a lot of respect him. The outcome was better than I expected due to Terry’s excellent representation of me. Terry will be the first person I will contact the next time I am in need of an attorney. I have and will recommended Terry to several of my clients.


Robert Vann, American Way Van & Storage Inc – November 5, 2013

I feel it is an honor to post a testimonial for not only one of my corporate attorneys but also someone I consider a good friend.  I call him a friend and for good reason. Anyone who works with Terry is treated not as a client but as a friend in the end. When Terry gets involved in a case he spends time and energy  researching every aspect of the case to come up with a resolve that protects his clients interest in the end. I have worked with may attorneys over the years and most try and find the easy way out to make the case simple and not make waves with the judge or the  defending parties. Terry takes the best interest of his clients first and will fight the battle to it fullest no matter what waves are made along the way. Terry not only respects his clients wishes but fights to the end to protect those wishes. No one could ever ask for a better attorney and I would recommend him and his firm to anyone who is looking for a true meaning of the word attorney.


tammy0424 03/12/2008

Terry Lewis is compassionate, a good listener and a great Attorney. He gives you 100% of his attention and will handle your case extremely well. He is considered to be one of the best Attorney’s in the Dayton area.




MIKE SHANK – BELLBROOK – November 4, 2005

Terry Lewis is the correct choice for Vandalia Municipal Court judge. He has the experience. Being an actual lawyer and having been a prosecuting attorney, he knows both sides of the court.  Having served several times as an acting judge for the Vandalia court, he knows the people and how the Vandalia court operates.

For many years, Lewis has shown his commitment to the community and the law pro – fession by volunteering as the moot court advisor to an area high school.

Lewis is the most experienced and qualified candidate for the judge of the Vandalia Municipal Court. On Tuesday, put the right person on the bench.



FRED CRAMER – SPRING VALLEY – November 4, 2005

I would like to urge voters to vote for Terry Lewis for Vandalia municipal judge. I have known Lewis for more than 30 years and know he has dedicated his career to the practice of law. More importantly, his dedication has been to the citizens served by the Vandalia court in his capacity as acting judge, prosecuting attorney and private attorney. No one matches his knowledge and experience in this court.  He gives back to the community. He has been the mock trial advisor at Northmont High School for years and has sponsored teams in the Northmont and Vandalia areas.

Lewis is the logical and most qualified candidate for judge of the Vandalia court. Please show your support by voting for him on Tuesday.


WILLIAM LEWIS – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – June 7, 2013

All I can say is that his level of knowledge and experience makes him the best attorney in the Dayton area. Obviously as my father I hold a bias, but please let me share with you some of his great attributes.

Terry Lewis is the best attorney in Dayton because he has successful experience on all sides of the courtroom. Thirty three plus years as an attorney, eight years as Vandalia Prosecutor, seven years as acting judge, and a former prosecuting attorney in Miami County, his experience at practicing law from all sides of the courtroom sets him above the rest.

Not only has Terry practiced law in the Dayton community, but he is a Daytonian. Born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio, Terry received his Juris Doctorate Degree and a Master’s Degree from University of Dayton and his Bachelor of Science Degree from Wright State University. Practicing law in Dayton for so many years Terry knows the various court systems, the members of those courts as well as the his fellow practicing attorneys. Terry has grown and lived in this city his entire life and knows this city.

Not only does Terry practice in Dayton but he also gives back to the community. Prior to practicing law, Terry was a school teacher at Dunbar High School and also volunteered as the Mock Trail Instructor at Northmont High School for ten years! He has been a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor with the state of Ohio and has taught Ohio State Highway Patrol and many other agencies on aspects of the courtroom as well as proper evidence collection.

Last and most importantly, He Cares! As Terry’s son, I was privileged to many stories regarding his practice. I have seen times where he has been very excited for his clients and times when he has been worried for his clients. He wants to see the best out the members of the courtroom for his clients and strives to protect his clients from wrong doing. There has been many times when he has come home completely exhausted from a hard day’s work in the courtroom and his own personal pride keeps him performing above and beyond what is expected day after day. I also feel it is important to note that he has always respected the attorney client privileges and many times when I am asking him questions about certain cases he has declined to comment on many details about his clients. Although I do not get the answers of which I seek, it is refreshing to know that he will uphold this code and will not even share information with the person he may trust the most.

If you ever have any legal matter, go with the person who can be trusted. The person who has the knowledge and experience to win for you. A person who cares and will work tirelessly to see the best outcome for his clients.  A person who is not only an attorney, but a friend. Go with Terry Lewis.

William Lewis



Rachel Vaughn — March 30,2017 – 5 stars

Best U can find. I have had more great experience with him and love him to death


Grant Dixon — November 14, 2016 – 5 stars

The very best in the business. Don’t consider anyone else.

Tooie Lous  — December 23, 2014 – 5 stars

Awesome Lawyer, Saved my brother a** more then once, Thnxs Terry


Don Reynolds  — December 31, 20135 stars

Zack DeBaltzo  — December 8, 20135 stars

B.b. Rouff  — November 20, 20135 stars

Bruce R. Kessler  —November 2, 2013 – 5 stars

Bill Lambert — September 20, 20135 stars

Michael Carr  — August 28, 2013 – 4 stars

Randall Kenneth Ketterer — July 21, 2013 – 5 stars

James W. Mifflin  — July 19, 2013 – 5 stars

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